Barbara Higbie - "Scenes From Life"

(10/21/2014, Barbara Higbie)

Track Listing:
  1. Irreducible Mind
  2. Walking
  3. West on County D
  4. Emma and Esi
  5. Bella
  6. VW Bug
  7. Variations on a Happy Ending
  8. Ewe Tune
  9. Michael's Song
  10. Duet
  11. Lena's Dream
  12. Resurrection
  13. Resurrection
  14. Neptune

“As a Grammy-nominated composer, pianist, violinist, guitarist and singer/songwriter, Higbie is a polymorphously creative artist who has collaborated with a dazzling array of musicians, from guitarist Carlos Santana and newgrass fiddle pioneer Darol Anger to soul diva Linda Tillery and bluegrass icon Laurie Lewis. Recording under her own name, she’s similarly expansive, possessing a treasure trove of rhythms and cadences encompassing West African grooves and jazz, Celtic, contemporary classical and American folk music…

Writing from the piano, her primary instrument throughout [Scenes From Life], Higbie is joined on half the album’s 13 tracks by the brilliant cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, who has thrived in the decade and a half since leaving Kronos Quartet, and string wizard Aryeh Frankfurter (on violin, viola and cello), who also contributes five string arrangements… Always eager to explore new musical directions, multi-instrumentalist Barbara Higbie introduces her next creative phase with a gorgeously cinematic new album, Scenes From Life,” – Andy Gilbert