Blktop Project - "Concrete Jungle"

(5/27/2016, Too Good Records)
Concrete Jungle

Track Listing:
  1. Strut and Swagger
  2. And the Stylus Followed
  3. Folk and Fiction
  4. Stick and Move
  5. Shrine On
  6. Year of the Drum
  7. In the Moment
  8. The Light to Get By
  9. Esto Fortis!
  10. A New Line
  11. Fall and Rise

4 days in January 2016 Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece, Matt Rodriguez and Josh Lippi hit Ruminator Audio for a free flow live style recording
session. We jammed for a couple days fleshing out ideas and different feels… hoping to create enough material for an album. (All the right ingredients, just
needed to mix, mash and bring to a boil!). We setup as though we were rehearsing- drums, amps, percussion etc.- all in the same room – to capture a more live/in the moment feel. None of the tunes had set forms or lengths. We rolled on instinct and improv. 2 days later we emerged with “Concrete Jungle” – a rump shakinʼ soul stirrinʼ blktop surfinʼ documentation of sonic blood ʻn sweat! This album is dedicated to those who roll!