Zero - "Absolute Zero"

(2011, Whirled Records)
Track Listing:
  1. Tear Tags Off Mattresses
  2. Straight Jackets
  3. Smells Like Girls Drums
  4. Sever Tire Damage
  5. Theme From Nancy Germany

Greg and Steve Kimock formed Zero in the early 1980 s after playing together in several bands, including The Heart of Gold Band and The Goodman Bros. Band. They went into a Sonoma County studio and recorded what was to become the core of their instrumental repertoire, Recorded at Avatar Studio in Santa Rosa, California in the early eighties, the studio recording Absolute Zero marks the inception of the Zero instrumental repertoire. Featuring Steve Kimock on guitar and bass and Greg Anton on drums and keys, this 80’s recording is being released for the first time, available exclusively at the upcoming ZERO shows. Featuring such songs as Tear Tags Off Mattresses, Severe Tire Damage and Theme From Nancy Germany, this 5-song EP will surely delight any ZERO fan. Absolute Zero, with Steve playing guitar and bass and Greg playing drums and piano. Then they recruited a bass player and piano player and took the band on the road for the next 20 years. Their music combines jazz, rock and blues in a dynamic, free-flowing instrumental style. In 1991 they added a vocalist and began collaborating with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter who wrote the lyrics for all Zero s original vocal songs.