Marcus Anderson - "My Turn"

(8/2/2011, Anderson Music, LLC)
My Turn

Track Listing:
  1. Thats the Way It Goes
  2. Warmth of Your Smile
  3. My Turn
  4. Last Dance
  5. Waiting for You
  6. Second Time Around
  7. You Stay On My Mind
  8. All the Way
  9. Silent Cries
  10. Hard Groove
  11. Erika
  12. 11 Ways to Love You

Marcus Anderson’s first CD, My Turn, is an upbeat collection of musical moods ranging

from bold jazz grooves to romantic ballads. Anderson co-produced, wrote, and arranged all the tracks on My Turn. “Everything comes out on this record exactly the way I wanted it to,” said Anderson. This stellar debut album offers hints of the musicians that inspire Anderson: Kirk Whalum, Donald Hayes, and Everette Harp. “The album’s title track, “My Turn”, is meant to catch you off guard,” said Anderson. The sophisticated soulful ballad “That’s the Way it Goes,” is inspired by romantic reflections of Anderson’s. While “Waiting for you” shows how masterful this young artist has already become.