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In 2015 A Train Entertainment celebrated its 30th anniversary, founded in 1985 as an option for independent artists to receive professional assistance in developing and managing their musical careers and independent labels to expand their horizons through international distribution and publishing. Over the years we have expanded our services to include publishing administration, artist management, physical and digital distribution, international sales and more. A Train currently administers over 20,000 song titles worldwide (Over 200,000 in the U.S.), and distributes over 30,000 digital tracks.

A little understood but growing segment of our business is the registration for and collection of “neighboring rights” income. We work closely with Sound Exchange, a US organization that collects and distributes digital performance royalties to featured artists and master rights owners, PPL, GVL, Sena and other societies who collect for and pay for both non interactive digital transmissions of sound recordings (as Sound Exchange does) as well as all other performances of the sound recordings.

Currently A Train has over 60 neighboring rights clients and is actively seeking to expand that aspect of our business.

A Train Entertainment helps independent musicians, labels, composers and film makers make their voices heard in today’s world.  With the digital music marketplace changing the way we listen to and receive music, we are at the forefront of this boom, dealing directly with the top digital distribution sites.  By marketing directly to these distributors, we can pass the savings on to you.  With the dominance of the singer/songwriter, there is less need for a traditional publisher; you can own your own compositions and A Train can collect the income for you. The way we as consumers enjoy films and television is moving away from theatres and televisions to computers and mobile units – A Train is digitally distributing independent films and long form music videos around the world.

Why throw your royalties away by letting more people get their hands in the pot?

We make it easy to get your creations out there so you can do what you do best: create wonderful art, whether it is music or film.

And while we will always do our best to let our clients work be heard and seen, we are steadfast in our mission to keep the ownership of the art with the artists and labels that created it.

It’s your creation… why should we own it?