Gregg Karukas - "GK"

(3/31/2009, Nightowl Records)

Track Listing:
  1. Manhattan
  2. Daylight
  3. Napa Road
  4. Floating in Bahia
  5. Wildwood
  6. Walkin in Time
  7. Soul Kisses
  8. Jamba Samba
  9. Mesa Moon
  10. Coyote Party
  11. Believe in Me

“Although he is a smooth jazz player, Karukas doesn’t go in for the most contemporary styles of the genre, preferring, for instance, a live rhythm section (here including bassists Eric Baines, Melvin Davis, and Karukas himself, drummer Oscar Seaton, and percussionist Luis Conte) over programmed rhythm tracks. And his antecedents are clear, his music recalling the mid-‘60s soul-jazz of Ramsey Lewis and Cannonball Adderley”. – AMG