Marcus Anderson - "Limited Edition"

(3/17/2017, Anderson Music)
Limited Edition

Track Listing:
  1. Limited Edition
  2. Backseat Drivers
  3. Will Power
  4. Can I Come Over
  5. Understanding
  6. Don't Stray Away (Interlude)
  7. Let's Not Wait
  8. What If? (interlude)
  9. That Feelin'
  10. The Art Of Gold
  11. Dandelion
  12. Stalker!
  13. Mel-ow Mood
  14. Give Love

Talented, Energetic, Charismatic, Warm-Hearted. These adjectives and many more are being used to describe this self-motivated, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Marcus Anderson! He is an artist who emerged into the contemporary jazz world in 2005 and has been blazing a trail ever since with his display of talent and musicianship. From contemporary jazz tinged with R&B, to inspirational and gospel jazz, Marcus has shown he’s uniquely adept to representing feelings in music we can all gravitate to and appreciate.

His latest release, Limited Edition, gives us more of this incredible instrumentalist, vocalist, as he teams up with some of the best talents in contemporary jazz such as pianists and keyboardists Brian Culbertson and Nicholas Cole, bass guitarist Ashley “A Luv” Doe, and guitarists Adam Hawley and Darnell “Showcase” Taylor.

Gifted and talented, Marcus’ music promises to always be listenable, danceable, and fun! And he delivers in true Marcus Anderson style with songs such as Backseat Drivers. Keeping the romantic moods are tracks titled Can You Come Over, Let’s Not Wait, and That Feelin’. In tribute and inspiring hope, Marcus beautifully offers Give Love featuring Anthony Saunders. The album doesn’t stop there with hits like Understanding, Don’t Stray, The Art of Gold, Stalker, Mellow Mood. The title track Limited Edition is also joined by the first scheduled single release Will Power.

With his originality and talent showcased with these songs and more, Marcus Anderson once again shows why he’s a talent to be reckoned with!

Dionne Maldonado, The Jazz Lady, Independent Music Review