Roger Smith 360

Roger Smith – “Roger Smith 360”

(2012), There Records)

Track Listing

  1. Off The Hook (Again)
  2. Just Enough
  3. Vega
  4. Ray O’s Bounce
  5. Elly Mae
  6. Hali ‘Imaile
  7. Sittin’ In
  8. I’ll Always Love You
  9. Fiesta
  10. Rachael’s Dream
  11. Isn’t It Love
  12. Armadillo Race
  13. Friday (Remix)
  14. Rough Cut
  15. Put Your Faith In Me

Roger Smith’s long awaited ‘best of’ album takes a look back over the past ten-plus years and 7 albums. Featuring the talents of DAVE KOZ and Motown legends THE TEMPTATIONS, not to mention the inimitable horns from TOWER OF POWER, Roger Smith – 360 spans from funky #1 hit “Off The Hook” to the rich jazz ballad “Rachael’s Dream”, to the upbeat and energetic Brazilian party of “Fiesta” and finishes with a soul-stirring gospel anthem “Put Your Faith In Me”, penned by Ben Sidran and Ricky Peterson.

Roger was recently invited to contribute to several tracks on the Dave Matthews Band’s new album Away From The World, set to drop September 11, 2012. As featured performer with the DMB in recent weeks, Roger Smith’s sound has found a whole new market and audience. What a perfect time to coincide with the release of Roger’s new album.