Ty Burhoe - "Aras"

(9/29/1996, Tala Records)

Track Listing:
  1. Aras
  2. Segue
  3. River
  4. Man of the Shadows
  5. Once Upon a Time
  6. Embrujada

“Curandero” means healer or folk doctor and “Aras” means to plow the earth / to become centered or grounded while still in flight.
Miguel Espinoza & Ty Burhoe are the core members of the band “Curandero”. In this innovative and exciting release, they team up with banjo legend Bela Fleck and bass maestro Kai Eckhardt. The music created for this release is unique and dynamic, taking us on a sonic adventure through rivers, canyons and deserts, mysterious worlds of shadow & longing and emerging into the brilliant rising hope of new musical horizons.

Exciting Flamenco and Jazz Fusion album
Brilliant and amazing is just a start to describe the latest released album “Aras,” by the highly talented artists Miguel Espinoza and Ty Burhoe, aka Curandero. This six-track disc covers the style of Flamenco embedded with jazz fusion and offers some delightfully interesting and stunning pieces. Incorporating the unique blend of Flamenco guitar, tabla, banjo, and bass the sound textures this group creates is truly fabulous. “Segue” is jazz fire and fury at its best with funky bass lines, driving drum beats, and excellent guitar. Taking the mood to a more serene ambiance, “River” gently flows with a calmness of peaceful tranquility. “Once Upon a Time,” features the banjo as the main instrument with an exceptional display of finger picking. Fans of jazz fusion and Flamenco won’t be disappointed when listening to Curandero’s “Aras,” with its creative and distinctive charm of the well-focused and talented cast of musicians.
~ Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team