Peter Rowan - "The Tao of Bluegrass – A Portrait of Peter Rowan DVD"

(12/1/2012, South 40 Films)
Track Listing:

There are only a few Bluegrass Boys still around that played with the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Peter Rowan was a bluegrass boy in the 1960’s for only a short time, but Bill’s influence and musical knowledge still resonates with Peter. Even as he branched out into his own music after leaving Bill’s band, his bluegrass roots were never far away. His recorded history thru the seventies included the bands Earth Opera, Seatrain and the famous band Old and in the Way with legendary musician and icon Jerry Garcia. This portrait of Peter expands beyond his music to his artistic and spiritual endeavors spanning four decades giving the viewer an in-depth look at a true legend within our Americana musical history. His art works keep him busy on the road and in his studio bringing a fresh perspective on both his songwriting and spiritual side. He meditates and fills his down time with studies of Buddhism’s. His practice help free his mind of ego and let’s his songwriting retain a pure quality coming out of a place of spirit and soul searching. His lyrics and melodies are memorable; influencing the next generation of musicians, sharing what Bill taught him and what he has learned being a troubadour traveling the world. His travels have revealed many characters that he spins into a world of music and stories. Peter can tell one of his stories over and over presenting it each time with a freshness. He is present in the moment entertaining audiences over many many years retaining that first time feeling each time you see him up on stage. He is loved by many fellow musicians and can lead a band allowing space and spontaneity for each player to show their talents. He is a man with many attributes captured in this film weaving a story of a musician that has absorbed cultures and stood the test of time to be valued and historically significant.

Interviews in the film include:
John Chelew (Record Producer), Laurie Lewis, Alison Krauss, Amanda Rowan (Actress – Peter Rowan’s Daughter), Tony Chin, Fully Fullwood, Leory Wallace
David Grisman, Lorin Rowan, Chris Rowan, Chris Scott, Steve Earle, Ricky Skaggs, Richard Greene, Sandy Munro, Jody Stecher, Larry Atamanuik, Jerry Douglas
Jack Casady, Vassar Clements, Drew Emmitt, David Nelson, Wavy Gravy, Aaron Redner, Sharon Gilchrist, Bryn Davies, Sally Truitt, Tony Rice, Manose Singh, 

Chojje Tulku Rinpoche, Erik Yates, Billy Bright, Sam Bush and Tim O’Brien