Henry Kaiser | Scott Amendola - "Leaps"

(1/20/2015, Fractal Music)
Track Listing:
  1. Leaps
  2. Door In The Light
  3. The 14 Animals That Will Haunt Your Dreams
  4. Sproing
  5. Blinks And Blinks
  6. The Wrong Suit

“Leaps featur[es] Scott Amendola on drums and percussion and Henry Kaiser on guitars. Bay area drummer, Scott Amendola is a longtime member of the Nels Cline Singers and performs/records  Larry Ochs, Charlie Hunter & Ben Goldberg plus having several discs out as a leader. West Coast guitar great, Henry Kaiser, keeps busy by playing in a wide variety of contexts: solos, duos, trios and bands of different sizes. Mr. Kaiser has recorded a number duos, most often with fellow guitarists like: Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne and Fred Frith, but rarely in a duo with a drummer. Each piece here is very different and shows many sides to these two gifted improvisers. The title piece is first and it is an epic length workout which goes throughout a number of different sections, moods or scenes. From rip-roaring intensity to those Dead-like space jams. It all fits together like fascinating cryptic mosaic or puzzle which unfolds as it evolves. This disc is around 75 minutes long and takes us on a fabulous journey throughout”. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG