Wadada Leo Smith & Ed Blackwell - "The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer"

(2011, Kabell)
Track Listing:
  1. Uprising
  2. Love
  3. Seeds of a Forgotten Flower
  4. The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer
  5. Mto: The Celestial River
  6. Don't You Remember
  7. Sellassie-I
  8. Seven Arrows in the Garden of Light
  9. Buffalo People: A Blues Ritual Dance
  10. Albert Ayler In A Spiritual Light

Trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist Wadada Leo Smith joins percussionist Ed Blackwell (Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry) in a previously unreleased session. Recorded live in 1986 at Brandeis University, Radio “The Joint” WBRS 100.1 fm.

“Here we find [Wadada] again in excellent company, with Ed Blackwell no less, the fabulous free jazz drummer who laid the foundations for his instrument’s new role with the Ornette Coleman bands and Old & New Dreams. Like with Don Cherry on the historic “Mu”, he is possibly the best partner for this kind of endeavor and also for Smith’s concept of music : it is freedom while being based in African rhythms, blues and jazz. Blackwell is incredibly creative and expressive, adding little touches, shifting meters, reorganising the beats constantly, actively shaping the overall sound and melody. Just listen closely to the album’s title track if you want to be convinced. ”

– Free Jazz Blog

“Some jazz artists are wildly over-productive, pressing record and releasing the results seemingly every time they put the horn to their lips. Wadada Leo Smith is not one of those artists. Despite being a top-flight improviser, he seems to never play a note, let alone record or release a piece of music, that hasn’t been carefully considered. This album is a valuable addition to his discography, on a par with his studio recordings, and highly recommended. ”

– Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance