Moya Brennan - "Canvas"

(2/24/2017, Beo Records)

Track Listing:
  1. River of Songs
  2. A Portrait of my Life
  3. Nuair a Bhí Óg
  4. Going Home
  5. Children of War
  6. Where We Once Met
  7. Do’n Pháiste Óg
  8. You Never Know
  9. The Duel
  10. Where You Belong
  11. Banríon

CANVAS is the ninth solo album from the First Lady of Celtic
Music, Moya Brennan. This collection of original songs is
steeped in her Celtic roots – Moya comes from Donegal in the
NW of Ireland. But, more than ever before, the album has a
contemporary twist due in no small part to her cowriters/
composers, daughter Aisling and son Paul, both in their
early twenties with strong ambient electronica and contempo
rary singer-songwriter influences. Moya’s haunting, ethereal,
vocals have been her unique hallmark both in her years with
Celtic music pioneers, Clannad, and in her own solo recordings
and film work. The album contains some songs in Moya’s native
language, Gaeilge, while other songs celebrate, for instance,
elemental/environmental themes or lament the child victims of
needless war and conlict. Musically the record unveils a spectrum
from poignant, fragile beauty through to dramatic, symphonic

The album title comes from Moya’s rediscovery of her love for
painting. She painted the cover and art featured throughout the
CD package.

Canvas combines the simplicity, depth and beauty of the extraordinary
skills which makes Moya unique in her field.
Grammy award winner Moya has sung on most of the world’s
great stages and has collaborated with many notable artists including
Bono, The Chieftains, Bruce Hornsby and Robert Plant.
Among her movie credits is her collaboration (and co-writing of
the end title song) with Hans Zimmer on King Arthur.