Airto Moreira | Flora Purim - "Live in Berkeley"

(9/25/2012, Airflow Productions)
Track Listing:
  1. Free
  2. La Fiesta
  3. Esquinas
  4. Light As A Feather
  5. Maria, Três Filhos
  6. 20 Anos Blues
  7. Airto's Pandeiro Solo

Live in Berkeley, recorded in 1990 in Berkeley, California is a robust and stimulating performance given by Airto Moreira on drums and percussion; Flora Purim on vocals; bassist, Gary Brown; pianist, keyboardist, Helio Alves and tenor and soprano saxophonist, Widor Santiago… [The performance was captured by] San Francisco radio personality, Bud Spangler – himself, a well known jazz musician, but was tucked away, not to be heard again for over twenty years. The recent rediscovery of this exquisite, majestic evening is now available for us to enjoy in these seven carefully selected tracks by Airto and Flora… Today, their music is still alive, fresh and filled with love.