Jazz Rosco - "Rosco’s Place"

(2004, There Records)
Track Listing:
  1. Good Question
  2. Ray-O's Bounce
  3. All About You
  4. Preface to Insanity
  5. Five Alive
  6. Sloppy Joe's
  7. Cape Town Jump
  8. Armadillo Race

On the first Rosco’s Place, Jazz Rosco, aka master jazz keyboard artist Roger Smith, delivers an unstructured, all natural, pure jam-band project where the plan is: there is no plan!

Featuring music conceived, written and performed on the spot, “Rosco’s Place” invites listeners to a freewheeling, two-day live studio session with seven of the finest talents in jazz, funk and R & B. Besides Smith, who produced “Rosco’s Place,” this includes drummers David Garibaldi (joining Smith from Tower of Power) and Steve Self, along with guitarists Ray Obiedo and Mick Valentino, and bass guitarists Mike McKinnon and Mike Kirkhouse.

“The idea was to come up with something raw and natural. I would call out the changes, and we just went for a ride,” said Smith, keyboardist-organist for funk-rock’s Tower of Power. “When you’re blessed to have this kind of talent in the same place, at the same time, you can forget about rehearsals and having sheet music.”