Sandy Cressman - "Entre Amigos"

(2/3/2017, Cressman Music)
Entre Amigos

Track Listing:
  1. Como Eu Quero Cantar (I Just Want to Sing..)
  2. Here in Your Arms
  3. Não Me Acorde Não (Don't Wake Me)
  4. Ela É (She is)
  5. Eu Mais Você (Me Plus You)
  6. Para Hermeto (For Hermeto)
  7. Nossa História (Our Story)
  8. Deixa O Amor Florescer (Let Love Flourish)
  9. Menina Vai (Go Girl!)
  10. Eu Vou Lembrar (I Will Remember)
  11. Eu Mais Você

While many an American jazz singer flirts with the Brazilian Songbook, San Francisco vocalist Sandy Cressman made a name for herself as a true devotee of Brazil’s greatest contemporary composers, interpreting songs by post-bossa masters like Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Gilberto Gil, and Filó Machado in Rio-accented Portuguese.

The friendships forged with Brazilian and Brazilophile musicians during her musical travels course through her captivating new album Entre Amigos, a project that marks a major new chapter for Cressman as a tunesmith. Entre Amigos features a gorgeous array of new songs created with an impressive cast of collaborators, including the celebrated Pernambuco frevo composer/bandleader Spok,  pianist/composer Jovino Santos Neto, and pianist Antonio Adolfo, rising Brazilian-American guitarist Ian Faquini, a Brazilian jazz master who got his start at the center of Rio’s early 1960s bossa nova scene.  The CD features such notable musicians as drummers Dennis Chambers and Celso Alberti, guitarist Ray Obiedo, and horn players Harvey Wainapel, Jeff Cressman, Natalie Cressman and Eduardo Neves.


“A Brazilian experience that is sure to touch the heart and soul of all jazz fans. Sandy Cressman delivers vocals that are filled with story telling passion laced with a personal touch. Sandy performs this wondrous ballad filled CD in the poetic language of Portuguese. One need not understand the words to appreciate these emotion inspired songs.

Sandy’s voice is crisp, sultry and expressive, with a tone similar to the great Latin vocalist, Gloria Estefan. Sandy’s star stunning vocals are also supported by an all-star cast of jazz musicians. Each song composed with a lively Brazilian flare that will wake up the tired soul of jazz fans all over the world looking for something special to add to their collection. Sandy Cressman has become one of my favorite female vocalist and I’m sure she will impress you as well. Enjoy this one for years to come!” – Jazz Review

“Cressman pours out her love, sometimes to excess, for the delightfully sensuous and melodious Brazilian lyrics in all her renditions.

– San Francisco Examiner (Phillip Elwood)

“….Here, then, is a nest of true chirps (bop term for female singer), ladies who aver, it would seem, that without a song the day wouldn’t even begin, let alone never end.”

– Downbeat (Zan Stewart)