Justin Lantrip - "Bleed then Bloom"

(2012, There)
Track Listing:
  1. I am what I am not
  2. Free Ride
  3. Happy Song
  4. May I
  5. Between your Records and your Sheets
  6. Streets of Ideal Proportion
  7. Crown of Thorns
  8. Asylum
  9. Bleed then Bloom
  10. Meet me on the Other Side

The new CD Bleed then Bloom from Justin Lantrip is here. Working with producer Roger Smith of Tower of Power, this is Lantrip’s first foray into the studio though it’s evident that he has put in his time. This bold CD is part of a new revolution of music distribution that doesn’t rely on leviathan record labels and pop charts. It relies solely on the talent of the artist. And Lantrip is ripe with talent. Bleed then Bloom has ten original tracks, all showcasing his ability to write songs with meaning that are identifiably unique and soulful.

From Justin’s own words:
My music has evolved out of a genuine attempt to discover truth and meaning, not only in my own life but in the lives and histories of others as well. My greatest concern is honesty and from that base I attempt to frame stories, instances, dreams, and hopes. I try to take influence from everything in my life, but specifically in regard to music, I am inspired by all of it. The history and evolution of music is fascinating and I love being part of it. I hope that what I create is unique and I strive for that. I believe that if you can tap into yourself and be honest about what you find, you will be on the artist’s path. I use that fire to show me what’s real and what isn’t. Truth is in the ashes.

[Justin Lantrip] is an awesome talent, filled with raw passion and emotion. The subtle nuances of his voice bring to mind familiarity, all the while remaining distinct and unique. I’d look forward to a long moody career if I were him. –Mixer Michael A. Droke/MADhouse Production (Babyface, Tower of Power, Diana Ross)