- "You Can’t Get There From Here"

(1/22/2016, Fractal Music)

Track Listing:
  1. You Can't Get There From Here
  2. Jade Dosa
  3. Ragasudha Rasa
  4. Growling Light
  5. The Big Sombrero
  6. Four For The Road
  7. As Far As Cho-fu-sa
  8. Imagination's Revenge
  1. Dialogue Between Lao Tzu And Krishna
  2. Vrta
  3. Hemavati Dirghajihva
  4. Buddhakapalini
  5. Qin Up!
  6. Emperor Morton
  7. Dharma Realm Verse
  8. Wherever You Are, There You Go

“This is West Coast guitar great Henry Kaiser’s eighth disc in less than two years and once more, he has continued to bestow us with another splendid gift. Each one of the previous discs has been completely different in sound and personnel and this one is equally astonishing!… [You Can’t Get There From Here] begins with a calm, drifting, eastern sound. Mr. Manring’s sublime fretless bass, subtle guqin (Chinese seven-string plucked instrument), mridangam (Indian drum) and Mr. Kaiser’s dreamy psychedelic sustain guitar all blend together into a mesmerizing raga-like journey. When the wordless voice finally comes in, it also fits just right the way it often sounds in other raga-like pieces. Eventually, Mr. Kaiser takes a striking guitar solo which seems to go in two directions at once, forwards and backwards, without taking over the vibe. I love the way these pieces unfold in a most organic or natural way… The icing on the cake of course are a number of extraordinary solos from each member of the sextet, especially Mr. Kaiser who takes his time and knows exactly when to let the magic erupt.” – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG