Eda Maxym - "Imagination Club"

(2007, Family Tree Music)
Track Listing:
  1. Hole in the Road
  2. I've Got a Feeling
  3. Angelita
  4. All Get Along
  5. Dark Day
  6. The Great Curve
  7. Hidden Treasure
  8. Colours
  9. Love Seet Love

“Simultaneously celestial and deeply connected to the earth, Eda Maxym’s Imagination Club is a serious jumping off place for intensely sensual vocals, unexpected and highly evocative instrumentation, and near perfect pacing on the new musical frontier where Miles Davis, The Beatles, and other nefarious characters wait in the wings with their mouths hanging open, listening to their influences being taken to the next level. A wondrous collaboration of vocal, instrumental, and spoken word magic exquisitely produced.”

Sandy Miranda KPFA producer/host