Tommy Guerrero - "No Mans Land"

(7/22/2014, Too Good)

Track Listing:
  1. Black Dust
  2. The Gunslinger
  3. The Stranger
  4. Loco's Lament
  5. The Lone Pistolero
  6. The Man From Califas
  7. Handful of Hell
  8. The Last Stand
  9. Sticks of Fury
  10. El Bandito
  11. Phantom Rider
  12. Hombre Sin Nombre
  13. Duel in the Dust
  14. Valle de la Muerte
  15. Malas Tierras
  16. The Viper
  17. Specter City

Musician and skateboarder, member of the legendary Bones Brigade, prolific artist & designer, the untamed kid of San Francisco comes back to charge up our turntables with his new album No Mans Land.

“17 tracks tracing an intense and slow journey across a misty California, where space and time distend into a dusty modern western,” describes Asphalt Duchess. “From dangerously rhythmic dating under a dazing sun, to melodic oasis deliciously refreshing, No Mans Land marks a change in the work of Tommy Guerrero: beyond the clever alchemy of ambient jazz tinged by hip-hop and soul, T.G. reveals a mastery of a typical style that becomes unique and eternal, where are unveiled enjoyment, fun and the raw talent of a mature artist who managed to preserve the purity of his childhood dreams”.

“SF Skater legend takes his brand of California kick-back soul to the Spaghetti Western factory”. – Bandcamp

“The Stranger “: