Jazz Rosco - "Rosco’s Place II"

(2010, There Records)
Track Listing:
  1. Hopscotch
  2. One Size Fits All
  3. Catz Play
  4. One Twenty
  5. Rachael's Dream
  6. No Lie
  7. Whispers
  8. Let the Band Play
  9. Party Up
  10. Virus
  11. If You Want Me To Stay

Rosco’s Place II, the anxiously awaited follow up to Roger Smith’s original Rosco’s Place, is here and ready to funk up the contemporary jazz world. The October 2010 release of Jazz Rosco II contains a dynamic, high energy CD featuring the creative wizardry of Sacramento-based keyboardist Roger Smith, in collaboration with some of the best musicians in America, including legendary drummer David Garibaldi, saxophonist Tom E. Politzer, and trumpeter Mic Gillette, among others.

Smith, the current keyboardist for Tower of Power, takes listeners through a groovy 53-minute romp, jam packed with soulful changes, crafty melodies and mind-bending solos. His perfect balance of technical skill and soul are put on display through his Hammond B-3, piano, Rhodes, synthesizer and bass.

The combination of Smith’s shredding, amazing assembled talent and killer horn arrangements, make this sequel pure musical nirvana.