Barbara Higbie - "Jazz Free"

(3/13/2012, There Records)
Jazz Free

Track Listing:
  1. Focus On Fifths
  2. Asstinato
  3. Farewell to the Master
  4. Heart Scars
  5. Coastal Ballad
  6. Jazz Free
  7. Park
  8. Mass Projection Jim > Fake Zero
  9. Sunshine On
  10. Mass Projection Nels
  11. Spit Shine
  12. Mass Projection Henry > Roops

WILCO guitarist Nels Cline joins Jim Thomas and Allen Whitmen from THE MERMEN, along with experimental guitar icon Henry Kaiser, for a psychedelic album of rock improvisation that is certified to be 100% jazz free. While Nels and Henry have been playing together for over 30 years, this is only their second recorded collaboration since 1998’s acclaimed YO MILES! album with Wadada Leo Smith. Henry and the Mermen have been pals and played together many times since they met in 1989. For this unprecedented collaboration, the 4 axe slingers are joined by drum monster-shredder Weasel Walter, for a wild ride on the rock n’ roll side of experimental improvised compositions that you won’t want to miss.