Marcus Anderson - "And Coffee"

(10/16/2015, Anderson Music, LLC)
AND Coffee

Track Listing:
  1. Espresso Shot (feat. Darnell "Showcase" Taylor)
  2. Cappuccino Strut (feat. Lin Rountree)
  3. Cup of Joe (feat. Matt Marshak)
  4. Coffee Cocktails
  5. And Coffee
  6. Vanilla Mocha
  7. Carmel Mocha
  8. Hazelnut (feat. Nicholas Cole)
  9. 2 Cream, 3 Sugars (feat. Julian Vaughn)
  10. Latte in the Rain
  11. Passion Blend (Bonus Track)

Prince’s saxophonist (and Sax Pac member) Marcus Anderson returns at # 1 on Reverb Nation’s Jazz Chart, following his highly kinetic live album, Marcus Anderson Xperience (M.A.X. Live in Concert), with And Coffee – a new studio album and his 7th solo album. And Coffee delivers that unique Marcus Anderson experience with some added flavor: guitarists Darnell “Showcase” Taylor and Matt Marshak, trumpeter Lin Roundtree, keyboardist Nicholas Cole and Midwest bassist Julian Vaughn. There’s a warmth and soulfulness to Marcus Anderson to be enjoyed when you sit back and sip on a cup of your favorite roast.

“It’s not overstating the matter to say that Marcus Anderson is a true godsend for a genre that needs a pick me up.” – Jonathan Widran / Jazziz

Amazon Ranking:

#4 Jazz record

#1 Smooth Jazz

#1 Jazz Fusion