Trance Mission - "Head Light"

(1996, City of Tribes)
Track Listing:
  1. Monkfish
  2. Head Light
  3. Alpha Swim
  4. Worksong
  5. In Frog Pyjamas
  6. The Sun Cries, Pt. One
  7. The Sun Cries, Pt. Two
  8. Their Hands Are Blue

Trance Mission is Stephen Kent (digeridoo, sintir cello, percussion); Beth Custer (clarinets, trumpet, percussion, vocals); Kenneth Newby (atmospheric electronics, Javanese winds); and John Loose (tablas, percussion, drum kit).

Trance Mission plays original music that alternately rages, bristles, and glides through a new world of didgeridoo drones, polyrhythmic percussion, acrobatic clarinets, and electronic swirls.

“Trance Mission is enchanting but it also screams. It uses the power as well as the grace of the drone instruments to bring together jazz, folk, and primordial dance, and make remarkably honest, raw techno-tribal music.”

-Dirty Linen