Steve Kimock - "Last Danger of Frost"

(3/18/2016, Kimock Music, LLC)

Track Listing:
  1. Music Tells a Story, Part 1. The Old Man
  2. Music Tells a Story, Part 2. Twelve is Good
  3. Music Tells a Story, Part 3. Big Sky
  4. Music Tells a Story, Part 4. Please Be Seated
  5. Invariant
  6. Surely This Day
  7. Surely This Day Reprise
  8. Tongue N' Groove
  9. The Artist Dies and Goes to Hell
  10. Last Danger of Frost
  11. My Favorite Number

Last Danger of Frost is a remarkable coming-together of intimacy and innovation. Steve Kimock has played what is generally thought of as “psychedelic” rock ‘n’ roll guitar for many moons, but this is a fascinating new development in his ouevre. This music is largely acoustic, with touches of electronica and ambient sound; it’s contemplative, elegant, and beautiful. Totally solo, it builds on the primal elements of his first experiences with a guitar. Even before he could tune or play it, long before he could create music, he found that he could amuse himself and incidentally create sounds by sliding the bridge around. Frost brings together high technology and sound manipulation, what he describes as “the appropriately mournful modal counterclockwise trip into the subdominant,” bird calls created by feedback, and the simplest patterns. This is a deep journey into the mind of a gifted master seeking to create music, as he says, from sources like “family, nature, travel, quiet study and contemplation and imagination.” You can actually hear the creative mind at work here.