Roger Smith - "Just Enough"

(1996, There Records)
Track Listing:
  1. Rough Cut
  2. Just Enough
  3. Vega
  4. I'll Always Love You
  5. Workin' It
  6. Sunset Dreams
  7. Hali' Imaile
  8. Friday
  9. Tunisia
  10. Perfect Circle
  11. Just Another Day
  12. Roger's Groove
  13. Friday (remix)

Fourth Solo record from Tower of Power organ player, originally released in 2004 on Trippin’ N Rhythm Records. Features appearances from Dave Koz, Peter White, and the Temptations.

This pianist and organist has been releasing solid, funky smooth jazz discs for a decade, but has never quite been given his due or been an upper-echelon artist. On this likeable, easy grooving disc, he increases his chances for mainstream exposure by working with the infallible Dave Koz and the Temptations (on the dreamy, mid-tempo ballad “I’ll Always Love You”) and Peter White, who wrote and plays on the spirited “Workin’ It.” It’s great hanging with high-profile cats, but Smith — whose multifaceted approach is reminiscent of George Duke — does just fine on his own, as well, working up the moody, old-school soul-jazz groove on “Rough Cut” (with brass enhancements courtesy of Norbert Statchel and Adolpho Acosta from Tower of Power) and the bluesy “Vega.” Another type of vibe is created on the island-themed “Hali Imaile (The Maui Song).”