Various Artists - "Nu Jazz"

(2010, There)
Nu Jazz
Track Listing:
  1. Chris Standring - Love and Paragraphs
  2. Roger Smith - Roger's Groove
  3. Peter White - Promenade
  4. Willie & the Lobos - Dance With You
  5. Kiki Ebsen - It's Too Late
  6. Danny Heines - Every Island
  7. Gregg Karukas - Summerhouse
  8. New Jazz Hustlers - The Hustler
  9. Selina Albright - You and I
  10. Joyce Cooling - It's You
  11. Deems  - Tough Tofu

Ringing in the New Year, A Train Digital is proud to announce the release of A Train Tracks, a quarterly series of compilations, featuring the best and brightest from our catalog. First up in the series is Nu Jazz, 11 tracks from smooth, contemporary and not so smooth jazz artists including veterans Gregg Karukas, Peter White and Joyce Cooling along with a brand new exclusive from newcomer Selina Albright, daughter of Gerald Albright. Also included are new tracks from Deems Tsutakawa and Willie and the Locos, and an old classic from the New Jazz Hustlers, available for the first time digitally.