Roger Smith - "Sittin’ In"

(2008, There Records)
Track Listing:
  1. Sittin' In
  2. Just Friends
  3. D-Man's Groove
  4. Isn't It Love
  5. Fiesta
  6. Music Is Love
  7. Jesus Brought Me Out
  8. Seet Lady
  9. Searchin'
  10. Can You Stand The Rain
  11. Bad Sneakers
  12. Thinkin' 'Bout You

Sittin’ In is the latest work from one of the world’s foremost keyboard players and one of the most prolific artists in contemporary jazz. For a long time, many acts have benefited from the addition of Roger Smith on keyboards, including his current residency with Tower of Power. He has also released several solo projects and in the late 1990’s, Roger put his sound together and hit Number One on the charts with his single “Off the Hook.” In the last few weeks since the physical release of Sittin’ In, it has really taken off!

Radio Stats:

•R&R Indicator where we had 7 stations, 60 spins, which was a +27 spins (#2 MOST INCREASED PLAY), and we were #1 MOST ADDED with 3 ADDS…

•#2 MOST ADDED at with 5 ADDS, and a +21 spins which put it as AMONG the MOST SPINCREASED!!

•DEBUT on the Smooth Indie Star chart at #38*.

•Among the MOST ADDED in both JazzWeek Smooth Jazz charts…