Henry Kaiser - "Where Endless Meets Disappearing (Solo Guitar 2009)"

(2009, Fractal Music)
Track Listing:
  1. Where Endless Meets Disappearing
  2. Very Lush Waters
  3. Topic A
  4. At Two
  5. I Would Ask
  6. Maybe If Time
  7. A Precise Kind of Infinity, A Sliver of Clarity Nestled
  8. Wet Behind The Ears
  9. Touch And Change Places
  10. This Way And That
  11. Feel You Contact Everything
  12. Completely Won Over
  13. As Stream, Hue, And Pressure, Sound
  14. Three Can Keep A Secret, If Two Are Dead
  15. Regarding Proximity
  16. The Gate Is That Way, Not This
  17. A Good Time To Be In
  18. A Bloom Of Tiny Suns