Alexander Zonjic - "Doin’ the D"

(12/18/2015, Hi-Falutin' Music)
Doin the D

Track Listing:
  1. Top Down
  2. From A to Z
  3. Little Sunflower (feat. Kenny G)
  4. Passion Island (feat, Bob James & Chieli Minucci)
  5. Tourista (feat. Rick Braun)
  6. Undun (feat. Maysa)
  7. Doin' the D (feat. Ken Navarro & Brian Bromberg)
  8. Good as Goldie (feat. Jeff Lorber & The Motorcity Horns)
  9. River Raisin Nights (feat. James K. Lloyd)
  10. Toungue Twister (feat. Jeff Lorber)